Implementing a PLC-based temperature controller  with PID algorithm
Product name: Implementing a PLC-based temperature controller with PID algorithm
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   Author: Seyedreza Fattahzadeh 
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In this text, my primary focus is on to design and to implementation of a temperature controlling system based on complex Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) algorithm. Based on a defined project specification, we would see how SIMATIC S7-300 PLC hardware and its related developed control programs could be designed to implement a temperature control system that uses a close loop process control to maintain the temperature of a dyeing machine tank based on a predefined time temperature table. The main function of the project is to maintain a set point from 25°C to 100°C. In this case, since temperature varies with time, the temperature is the dynamic variable, which is also called the process variable (PV).

To ensure the operation of the controller by the system operator is easy, two other application programs will be developed to establish communication between two types of HMI devices: a typical HMI panel can be installed in a remote location, and a PC-based one. In this case, the operator can either use the HMI device or his PC's monitor to check the closed looped system parameters (such as SP, PV (duration of time since system is started), change the operation of the system from Automatic to Manual or vice versa, or change/edit content of each time temperature tables etc. 

Chapter 1


PLC control method

Process control basics

What is the definition of a ‘PID control’?

A typical PLC control method

Application of a typical PanelMaster graphical display

Defining project specification and solution

Operating the system in automatic mode

Design and implementation of the controller's hardware

Developing the main control software and HMI programs and data settings

Chapter 2 – explanation of the main control program

Human Machine Interface (HMI) device

Steps to take to design a HMI application program

How t use PID.MCP; a WinCC-based application software

Question and answers related to this project

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