Programming SIEMENS S5 series of PLCs using PG 2000 compiler software
Product name: Programming SIEMENS S5 series of PLCs using PG 2000 compiler software
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   Author: Seyedreza Fattahzadeh 
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Many companies have developed software for programming PLCs. For purposes of illustrating and practicing how the software works, we have selected (Freeware PG 2000 software created by for programming Simatic S5 family of programmable controllers. This software is a Demo Version, therefore you may copy it from web yourself and use it to simulate your programs. The software is Microsoft Windows based and very user friendly. Using software to simulate small programs makes the learning  process very interesting and fun!!.
in helping the reader to achieve self-confidence. One thing which builds self-confidence is a successful and deep understanding of each lesson explained clearly in the manual.

Chapter 1

Installing,navigating through PG2000 compiler software , How to write and edit a new block in STL format, how to open a save a program, How to insert a new block, how to write a new block, How to open a saved program, Mark and unmarking blocks, How to print a file, how to write a new block in Control System Flow chart (CSF) format, how to write a new block in Ladder Diagram (LDA) format , How to write DB & FB, Function block (FB)    

Chapter 2 - 30 Basic worked out PLC exercises

Please be informed
Two input And circuit, example 2-2  Two input OR circuit, Example 2-3  Two input (NO and NC) circuit    
Example 2-4  Three input circuit, Example 2-5  Three input (2 x NO and 1 NC) circuit, example 2-6  Four input (four NO) circuit, Example 2-7  Four input (four NO) circuit, example 2-8  Four input (AND & OR) circuit, example, Doing example 2-8 using prentices, Two input SR flip flop, Two input SR flip flop,   An Edge Detector program, Binary Scalar circuit,   An up-counter program,  A Down-counter program    
Three input AND circuit ,  Three input OR circuit, Write a  program for a given Boolean Expression             
Write a  program for a given Boolean Expression, Write a program for a given circuit diagram        
Write a program for a given circuit diagram, circuit diagram is given, write its Boolean expression and STLL, write a control program for a 3 ~ phase electric motor, write a program for a PLC with four I/O devices, Liquid level control program, Write a control program in STLL, Controlling liquid level in a tank,
Write a Counter program for a given condition, write a counter program for a given condition
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